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Capital Credits

Menard Electric is structured to make every member an owner of this business. Unlike other electric utilities, we do not exist to make a profit. Any revenues over and above the cost of doing business are considered “margins.”

Every member who purchases electricity during a year in which margins are earned is allocated capital credits. The amount of credits earned is based upon the amount of capital contributed to the co-op through payment of the monthly bill. The more electric service bought, the more capital credits earned.

The sum of a member’s bills for the year is multiplied by an allocation factor to determine earned capital credits. The allocation factor varies yearly, depending on the success of the co-op. Since credits are a member’s share of the margins, no credits are allocated for a year without margins.

Margins earned represent an interest-free source of operating capital by you and the rest of the membership to the co-op. This capital allows us to finance operations and new construction, with the intent that this capital be repaid in later years, as the Board of Directors authorizes their retirement.

Capital credits of a deceased member may be paid at a reduced present value without waiting for a general retirement, or may be transferred to a surviving spouse if the membership was jointly held. Contact us for an estate form.

Members who move off cooperative lines should call the office with a current address for future credits to be returned.

Unclaimed Credits

Sometimes capital credit checks are returned to us because we do not have the current address of an inactive member on file. We try to find the correct address for every member. We include a listing here each year of those we could not locate. You can help us find these members by reviewing the listings here. The member, or executor of their estate if applicable, should contact Michelle at or 800-872-1203 regarding the credits.

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