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Distributed Generation and Net Metering

Some of our environmentally-minded members consider installing and interconnecting distributed renewable generation equipment behind their retail service meter to offset a portion of their electricity usage.

Menard Electric encourages member-owned generation (also known as distributed generation) if installed in a safe, cost effective, and environmentally-friendly manner. If you are considering installation of distributed generation, we suggest a complete analysis of all the costs to determine if a return on your investment is plausible. This brochure may be a good starting point to help with that analysis; you'll want to consider any upfront or yearly incentives as well.

Cooperative policy requires members contact us for approval before installing a distributed generation system so we can ensure the interconnection and parallel operation is safe, reliable, and properly metered.  We must also study the feasibility of the installation and in some cases apply system upgrades in accordance with our Interconnection and Parallel Operation of Distributed Generation policy. Several attachments are associated with this policy, including: Interconnection Application, System Data Characteristics, Agreement for Interconnection between Member and Co-op, and an Authorization to Energize letter the co-op would provide to a member.

Menard Electric offers net metering to its members for distributed generation systems up to 10 kw in rated capacity according to our Net Metering policy.  Members interested in installing a cogeneration facility or a small power producing facility in the Co-op’s service territory can refer to our policy for the Interconnection of and Service to Qualifying Facilities under PURPA.   

Another option available to Menard Electric members is Bright Options Solar, provided by our energy supplier Prairie Power, Inc. Through this program, you can choose to have a portion of your energy come from solar photovoltaic (PV) power – without upfront expenses, maintenance costs or changes to your home. Solar PV blocks are available for purchase as follows: a 200 kwh block is $12/month; a 400 kwh is $24/month; and a 600 kwh is $36/month. The cost associated with your block selection will appear as a separate line item on your bill and is in addition to all other electricity use charges.

Call us at (217) 632-7746 or email for more information about any of the above-mentioned member-owned generation programs.

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