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Energy Efficiency

We encourage you to find ways to use energy more efficiently. We feature regular tips in our Connect to MEC newsletter to help you save energy and encourage you to visit the Together We Save website, which features how-to videos and more.

Please Note: The SmartHub Website described here is currently unavailable due to Vendor Maintenance.

You can also see detailed information about your usage via our online bill pay portal. Create anImage of Usage Graph Shown on Bill Pay Website account and visit Billing History to access the SmartHub link to see your monthly, daily or even hourly usage information.

It seems odd doesn't it? To encourage someone to use less of a product you sell? But it is the right thing to do. We are a cooperative, owned by the members we serve, and our mission is not to earn a profit, but to provide you with a service that improves your quality of life. It is in everyone's best interest to use energy wisely.

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