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Standby Generator

Standy GeneratorLooking into purchasing a standby generator? Contact our office to speak to someone in our engineering department.

Already have a standby generator? Your wiring system must include a transfer switch that will disconnect your service from the cooperative's electric system before you start your generator.

If you don’t have a transfer switch, or it doesn't work correctly, the generator could feed electricity back through our lines. This is very dangerous for our linemen, emergency personnel, and other members who may believe the lines are de-energized. Have a qualified electrician install or inspect your transfer switch before you use your generator!  

Other Generator Safety Tips

  • Read and follow all manufacturer operating instructions to properly ground the generator. Be sure you understand them before hooking up the generator.
  • Maintain adequate ventilation. Generators emit carbon monoxide. Never operate a generator in your home, garage, or other enclosed building. Place it in a dry, outside location.
  • Never plug a portable electric generator into a wall outlet or connect directly to a home's wiring. This could energize power lines and injure you or others working nearby. Back fed electricity could also damage the generator and home electrical equipment. Make sure you have a transfer switch installed.
  • Turn off generator and allow it to cool before refueling. Gasoline and its vapors may ignite if they come in contact with hot components or an electrical spark. Store fuel in a properly designed container in a secure location.
  • Protect your appliances. Turn off or disconnect all appliances and lights before you begin operating a portable generator. Once the generator is running, turn your appliances and lights on one at a time to avoid overloading the unit.
  • Use proper extension cords. Use only safety-tested, shop-type electrical cords designed and rated for heavier, outdoor use to connect appliances.
  • Shut it down correctly. Turn off and unplug all appliances and equipment being powered by the generator before you shut it down.
  • Perform maintenance. Drain the gasoline before you store the generator. Start the generator on a regular basis and periodically inspect the fuel and oil filters, spark plug, oil level and fuel quality.



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