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Vegetation Management

Safe, reliable electric service. It’s what we strive to provide our members. One way we work towards this is to control vegetation within the right-of-way along our 2,600 miles of line. (Right-of-way is the strip of land underneath and around power lines that we have the right and responsibility to maintain and clear.) Our contract crews attempt to trim each area of our territory once every 5-6 years.

The areas to be trimmed and sprayed in 2018 are show on the map here (click image to enlarge). Areas to be trimmed are in green and areas due for selected herbicide application are in blue.

We partner with Spoon River Electric Cooperative and employ multiple contract crews to perform this work. They will cut and mow circuits from the Virginia, New Berlin, Bluff Springs and Bishop substations (green areas).

We direct all crews to trim to the American National Standards Institute requirements to assure continued health of trees. Some members may not view these practices as the most visually appealing but they are healthier for the tree in the long term and safer for all members, employees and the public.

Vegetation coming into contact with our lines is unsafe and can be a cause of blinks and outages during any weather. Tree limbs coming into contact with lines are often the primary cause of outages during storms producing high winds, snow or ice. Trimming or removing trees is the best way of preventing outages or blinks; this results in more reliable service as well as quicker power restoration during severe weather events.

Our specifications are to clear single-phase lines at least 15 feet and three-phase lines at least 25 feet from the centerline of the pole, ground to sky. Smaller trees and brush under lines are removed to allow access and eliminate future growing problems. A copy of our Vegetation Management Policy can be found here.

Because of the size of our distribution system, we ask that members keep their trees trimmed around the triplex secondary wires from their home to the utility power. Be safe - please notify us when you perform this work so we may temporarily disconnect power while the work is performed.

Contract crews will also selectively apply herbicide to brush as needed in areas that were mechanically cleared in 2017 in order to control problematic re-growth. For 2018 these areas include Middletown, Petersburg, Saidora, and part of New Berlin substations (blue areas). This selective herbicide application is the most beneficial and cost effective method of right-of-way maintenance; it allows us to extend our trimming cycle as well as reduce the overall amount of brush that needs cleared during the normal trimming cycle.

If you have trees in your area near our lines that need trimmed please notify us through the Contact Us page or call the office.

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