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Your Bill & Our Rates

Your electric service consists of two primary costs. The cost of providing you with service and the cost of the electricity you use each month.

On your bill you will see a Facility Charge--this is the cost of providing you with the ability to use electricity, regardless of the amount you use-it is the cost of the lines, transformers, substations, employees, etc. required to provide you with service.

The Electric charge on your bill is the amount of kilowatt hours your home used times the rate for that usage.

We offer several different rate classes based on members' needs. Your current rate is listed on your bill. Click on the Rates below to view complete 2017 rate sheets. Please call the office if you'd like to verify you are on the correct rate.

Rates 11, 18 and 19 require participation in our load managment program, whereby we place and maintain a device on your electric water heater that allows us to control its heating elements for periods no longer than five hours in a given day during times of peak electric usage. Call the office for details.

For more information on Irrigations, please visit our Irrigation Page

We also offer a Security Light Service for members, charges vary monthly according to the size of the light. See pricing options here.


Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)

Rider NM (Net Metering for Member-Generation)

Rate 10: Farm & Residential

Rate 10S (Sherman Franchise)

Rate 11: Electric Water Heater with load control

Rate 11S: (Sherman Franchise)

Rate 13: East Bluff

Rate 17: Electric Heat

Rate 17S (Sherman Franchise)

Rate 18: Electric Heat with water heater and load control

Rate 18S (Sherman Franchise)

Rate 19: Geothermal with electric water heater and load control

Rate 19S (Sherman Franchise)

Rate 20: Commercial and Power Service-Demand

Rate 21: Commercial with Electric Water Heater

Rate 30: Large Power

Rate 31: Interruptible Large Power

Rate 50/51/52: Irrigation

Rate 60: Commercial and Power Service-No Demand

Rate 61: Commercial with Electric Water Heater

Rate 62: Municipal

Rate 70: Interruptible


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